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Parallel Worlds Dulcimer
Luthier [Middle French]: one who makes stringed musical instruments
Raven Dulcimer - $280
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Raven Dulcimer - $280

It's hard to hit a wrong note on a dulcimer! After a half-hour lesson you'll be playing your favorite folk tunes. Some players develop amazing technique. Others are happy strumming chords in a string band. It's all fun. Dulcimers are available in maple, cherry and walnut. They can be ordered with spruce tops or hardwood tops.
A musical instrument is a personal thing. A teardrop body with heart-shaped soundholes are traditional for dulcimers, but you can make up your own design. If you have ideas for the sort of dulcimer you would like, let me know. If I can't make what you want, I'll try to get in touch with a luthier (stringed instrument maker) who can.

Prices normally range from $160 to $325. You can click here to see a few examples.

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