Treenware [Middle English]: small, useful objects such as spoons and bowls carved from wood.
Sycamore spoons
Ovals, circles, tapered sides and gentle curves... these are shapes that can be worked by eye and by hand tools. No wonder they occur over and over in traditional Appalachian treenware. Variations on these shapes have preoccupied me since my first wooden spoon years (and countless spoons) ago. Sycamore Dough Bowl

Doughbowls in 19th Century Appalachian kitchens were tools for living, large and plain. Bread and biscuits were made almost every day to feed large families of children and hard-working men and women. Families are smaller now, so I make bowls in different sizes. They are decorative as well as useful. Customers have told me that they display their spoons and bowls on bookshelves. I keep a bowl or tray filled with fruit on the dining table. Looks nice.

-- Prices ranging from $32 - $100, depending on size and wood. Examples of bowls and trays may be found here.

BAGUETTE TRAYS -- Prices ranging from $22 - $35, depending on size and wood.

SPOONS -- Prices ranging from $18 - $35, depending on size and wood. Here are some pictures of spoons and scoops.

COFFEE SCOOPS -- $9, in any wood available.

DO-IT-YOURSELF SPOON CARVING KIT -- $12, in sycamore only. See more about it here.